What Are The Risk Factors of Bed Bugs in Toronto?

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Do you wonder why some people are plagued by bed bugs while others never have any problems with these tiny parasites? Do you think that bed bugs are only found in dirty houses or third world countries? What exactly are the risk factors of bed bugs?

While anyone could find they have bed bugs in their home, there are certain bed bug risk factors that increase the probability of an infestation of these insects. However, bedbugs have a nasty way of making their way out of these high-risk bedbug locations and taking up residence in private homes. Because bedbugs are so small and can live up to 12 months without food, they are able to survive in transit for extended periods.

The locations that are more at risk of being over-run with bedbugs include places that have a high turnover of people sleeping there, those that have mostly one night stays, those that have crowded sleeping conditions and multiple beds in the one building. These include:

  • Dormitories in schools and colleges.
  • Apartment buildings.
  • Military barracks and camps.
  • Hotels, Inns and Resorts.
  • Holiday camps.
  • Homeless shelters.
  • Refugee camps.
  • Third world villages and cities.

In private homes, those that are more at risk of a bedbug infestation  include:

  • Homes that have lots of clutter around the floors, like piles of newspapers or magazines, or have multiple shelves of books, particularly in the bedrooms.
  • Family members who travel overseas frequently. The most common way bedbugs control toronto get into private homes in Western countries is in the luggage or clothes of international travelers.
  • Apartments in a complex. Because bedbugs are able to travel on clothing, shoes, luggage etc, they can easily be transported from an infested apartment to common areas and then into other apartments. They are also capable of crawling between apartments and floors.
  • Homes that are adjacent to houses that have piles of rubbish around or are otherwise a high risk for bedbugs. If the house next door has bedbugs, it is easy for them to migrate through to you.
  • Family members who do charity work with the elderly, the homeless or disadvantaged are at risk of innocently bringing a few bedbugs home. You only need a few bed bugs to start a plague because they lay hundreds of eggs and mature very quickly.
  • Rental properties have different tenants who may bring bedbugs or their eggs into the house on their furniture and belongings.
  • Poorly maintained properties have more hiding places that are suited to bed bugs toronto reviews like peeling wallpaper or paint, old carpet, damaged woodwork, cracks in walls etc.
  • Second hand furniture, pictures and clothes can have bed bugs hidden in them. If you buy these items, leave them outside in the sun or the cold; launder them in hot water or inspect them thoroughly before taking them inside your home.

When you travel or visit high-risk bed bug locations you need to be very vigilant to prevent carrying bedbug hitch-hikers home with you. In hotels, avoid putting your clothes and luggage on the bed or the floor near the bed. If you see any evidence of bedbug activity, ask for another room or go to another hotel.

If you know you have visited a high-risk bedbug area, take off your shoes and outer clothes outside your house. Leave non-washable items outside in the sun and immediately launder all washable items in the hottest water the fabrics can stand. Putting items in a clothes dryer on the hottest setting will also kill any bedbugs that come home with you.

Understanding the risk factors of bed bugs removal toronto can help you avoid bringing these pests home with you. Be aware of the signs of bedbugs so that you can take the appropriate action immediately to avoid the parasites becoming too great in numbers.


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